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Research & Development


We have been involved in research and development with our primary partners, HyLife Ltd. and Groupe Cérès, since 2004. Together we invest over 1.5 million annually toward research and have conducted over 600 trials to date. A wide range of topics are studied; vaccines, treatment strategies, herd management, equipment, nutrition, genetics, and meat quality.

Through our collaborators we have access to several research facilities; 2500 gestation spaces, 3400 nursery spaces, and 3300 finisher spaces, of which 1100 of the nursery spaces are located in a nursery barn in Levis, Quebec. We also carry out projects in commercial settings in collaboration with producers who also wish to validate different methods.

Our team of competent and diligent agronomists, nutritionists, and animal health/agricultural technicians, initiate and complete more than 25 research projects every year. Our projects challenge all aspects of pork production; animal welfare, performance, efficiency of protocols, return on investments from interventions, etc. Results can significantly impact production costs and profitability.

Adding Value to our Veterinary Services

Innovative ideas, programs, concepts and new products are evaluated within our research and development program prior to their implementation. Our recommendations, protocols, and our medication programs have, therefore, all been field-tested. All of our research projects follow rigorous protocols that ensure validation of data and results so that nothing is left to chance.

Objectivity and Transparency

The results of our trials are shared with our clients through our newsletters, producers meetings, and one-on-one training. Through these same mediums you also have access to the results of many research projects that our partners share with us.

If you have your own innovation project in mind, we would be more than happy to accompany you through its progression to help maximize its economic impact.

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