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Together we improve the future of swine health

Swine Veterinary Partners (SVP) provides a full range of animal health services, including production, laboratory and pharmacy services, to Canadian pork producers with four veterinary clinics established across the country.  Our team at Demeter Quebec, Demeter Ontario, Precision, and Premier SHP share their knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the Canadian swine industry.

Our approach to health management through personalized solutions, our concern for profitability, and the use of our online platform Atlas, which is unique to veterinary medicine, are really valuable to Canadian swine producers! Thanks to our purchasing power, we are able to offer significant savings to increase profitability while taking into account breeding performance and the well-being of your animals.

​Our group, in collaboration with our partners, is a leader in research and development in Canada. Transparency is fundamental for us and we share the results of our studies, whether in breeding management, feed and nutrition, health, or reproduction, with the industry. 

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