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Herd Health

Our Veterinary Approach

Combining innovative thinking and efficiency, we offer a complete and holistic experience in veterinary services. We offer continuous remote monitoring of production data, slaughterhouse controls, and laboratory analyses to ensure efficient and accurate diagnoses. Awareness of all aspects of our clients' production systems allows us to focus on their needs and those of their animals' welfare.

Our preventive approach improves health management and disease control as well as maximizes the growth potential of the animals. Our clients’ purchases come with advice on the proper, safe, and profitable use of medications as well as on-going recommendations of the best products that are available to them.


In the event of a health problem in your herd, an assessment of the situation can be conducted by our veterinarians in a timely manner. Identifying the root cause of a problem is essential to finding the appropriate solution, therefore, we are committed to conducting a thorough diagnostic analysis. We will develop an action plan for the treatment and prevention of the problem based on your farm’s history, production data, and test results, while keeping the profitability of the business in mind.

Farm Visits

We believe that the best health management tool for swine producers is prevention. "Prevention is better than cure" is, in our opinion, the most profitable and sensible approach. Regular visits to your farm allow us to analyze the methods used and discuss any better ways to prevent and control disease. In order to improve profitability, we suggest the following actions: a visit report including a detailed action plan, a vaccination and medication program, and various protocols and training courses that are relevant to your situation.

Production Management

A production management consulting service is also available. We are committed to working with our clients to help them be more competitive and improve their production management. The fact that we ourselves are involved in pork production allows us to understand the realities of producers at all levels so that we can quickly adapt to new market realities and new technologies.

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