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The Importance of Diagnostic Tests

Laboratory testing is essential in order to obtain a reliable diagnosis whenever our veterinarians suspect an infectious health problem within your herd. The analyses provide evidence for the viruses or bacteria in question. Laboratory tests are also useful for monitoring the health status of a herd or to confirm the efficiency of a vaccine by monitoring the animals’ immune response.

Our experienced and professional team performs most of the analyses: PCR, ELISA, and sequencing, for diseases such as PRRS, porcine epidemic diarrhea, circovirus, and many others. We are also able to test the quality of drinking water, feed, and boar semen. Our andrology service (semen analysis) is offered in collaboration with KUSTER RESEARCH & CONSULTING inc.

See the forms below for the complete list of available tests:

Quality Policy

Our priority is to guarantee accurate analysis. Our quality policy is based on a rigorous system of procedures and validation that meets industry standards. Our qualified staff is committed to providing the best service in strict compliance with biosecurity standards.

  • Computerized information management, from the reception of samples to their analysis, for a flawless traceability;

  • Use of calibrated and certified state-of-the-art equipment and recognized diagnostic methods including internal validity controls;

  • Double-checking of results prior to the final report submission;

  • Enhanced biosecurity;

  • Rapid and confidential results are always available online.

Simplify Sampling

Collection kits with all the necessary equipment to take various types of samples (saliva, feces swab, environmental wipe, water, etc.) are available at our pharmacy. Training is also available for blood sampling.

We are working to give you as much as possible at an affordable cost. Moreover, the shipment of samples to our laboratory is FREE*.

* Conditions apply

Request your free shipping kit here


To reach the laboratory team: 1-877-847-5411 #240 or

laboratory samples
laboratory samples
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